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  • Denvers Coral Reef House

    The Reef Experience

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    303-619-0531/any questions you have.



    1810 s Shoshone st Denver Co 80223


    We can take care of your tank, build a fantastic tank and move your tank, any time you need it.


    Be a part of “Please Don’t Flush the Fish”. Our Non Profit that helps provide a place for unwanted Fish. Corals and Freshwater fish too.


    See the Shop. We are finishing things up. Big things are happening! You could have a Coral Reef House, right next to you!

    How many tanks do you have?



    **Have too many corals or have corals and getting out of the hobby?

    Please let us know. We give credit and have the ability to buy entire tanks of corals. Be ready with photos, so we can see what you have. Text or email them to us. (Please let us know, if you are bringing the corals/fish in directly to us)


    Have problems with pests in your tank? We can help! We use natures way of pest control.

    Use filefish, harlequin shrimp and other pest eating helpers.

    Coral banded shrimp are great Bristle worm eaters. Peppermint shrimp are good too.



    We carry:

    Ro water


    Used tanks and other equipment

    heaters, pumps, power heads, ......... Lights (coming soon)

    ***We’re a small shop, so we carry a few main line items, needed to start and run a tank.

    New shop this Fall 2021/Spring 2022–Waiting on Covid........


    Workshops to help with any reefing needs.

    Want to learn the Reefing Hobby? Have questions and want personal and knowledgeable people, that you can trust? Hands on help with any fantastic corals, you want to learn about? Signup now! Workshops building.

    Hit the button below!



    A little about me

    I started the hobby in the 80s with a 10gl Reef Master. Now I have over a 1000gl. to grow corals. Soon to add 200gl more, in shop. I’ve been selling here and there, but decided to open a ReefShop, at my house in Denver. Hence the name. Lol. If you have to have a hobby, this is it. I couldn’t pass up, all this beauty. Then I had too much!

    Thanks for coming by!







    Fish Ready to go



    Stars and stripes puffer 10in/ 6in

    Yellow bellied puffer 6in

    Lion fish

    Snowflake eel

    Orange clown

    Yellow damsel

    Red tailed filefish

    Trigger undulatu

    Trigger humu

    Trigger niger

    Miniata grouper

    Mexican spotted angler/eats silversides

    Black angel

    Ribbon eel

    White and butter hamlets

    Unicorn tangs

    6 line Angel

    Engineer goby

    Catfish goby

    Banggai cardinals

    Sailfin tang

    Australian sailfin tang

    Jewel damsel

    Blue koran Angel

    Royal/Nararchus angel

    Black and white striped damsel

    Larger damsels-tank starters



    Just in 1/27/21


    Hawkfish Flame Lg

    Golden Dottyback

    Six Line Wrasse (Indo)

    Cardinal Pajama (Fiji) Lg

    Hawkfish Spotted

    Matted Leatherjacket Filefish

    Freckled Hawkfish (Haw.) Lg

    Shark Horn $350/more available

    Cleaner Shrimp Lg



    New Arrivals coming for 2/3/21


    Queen Angel M

    Blue Angel Lg

    Black Angel S

    Balloon Puffers Lg/S

    Banded Tail Puffer

    High Hat Drums M

    Blue headed wrasses L/S

    Slippery Dick wrasse

    Green filefish

    -Scorpion fish

    -Blue and Indigo hamlets

    -Assorted Angel/see what else they send

    -Assorted Wrasses/see what else they send

    (-extra fish they may be able to send)



    Nassarius snails 6/$5

    Peppermint shrimp $4 (limited amount)

    Brittle starfish start at $10

    Red Brittle starfish $15

    Serpent starfish start at $10

    Sea biscuits $20

    Emerald Crabs $5-5/$20

    Astrea snails 2/$1

    Red leg hermits 2/$1

    Urchins start at $10

    3in hermits $15

    Yellow/Red Gorgonian frags Start at $30

    Gorgonian frags start at $15

    Large Gorgonians start at $60

    Feather dusters


    Coral banded shrimp

    Pair of Coral banded shrimp

    3in crab hermit

  • Classes to help with Starting and Keeping Your Saltwater Marine Tank Going!

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  • Look What We Have!

    1250gls of Saltwater Reef Tanks.

    The new Tanks are Here!

    more photos soon

    We have Sharks! Rays and Bats Soon!

    We have Small and Big fish.

    Large Marine Life Coming!

    We are setting up tanks, to carry some incredible Fish!

  • “Please Don’t Flush the Fish!”

    Please Help our Non Profit Grow!


    Join us in our Events to help Promote and Build

    our Non-Profit

    March and September are the months,

    we are using to collect equipment and tanks,

    People no longer need or want.

    Any Help we can get, is Greatly Appreciated!